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December 21 2019
Happy Feet  (Foot care and Barefoot Shoes)

Happy Feet (Foot care and Barefoot Shoes)

As a dancer, yogini of over 20 years, and a physician, I have a lot to say about feet and our health. 

November 26 2019
Your Emotional Health

Your Emotional Health

This month, I am thrilled to share that the audiobook version of my book Delicious Healing is now available.

The audiobook  

October 4 2019
Red Meat is STILL not good for you.

Red Meat is STILL not good for you.

A baffling, disturbing, as well as interestingly timed article was recently published in the Annals  

September 4 2019
Should you be taking naps?

Should you be taking naps?

Sufficient sleep is vital for our physical, mental and emotional well being and in an ideal world, we’d all be going to bed several hours before midnight, waking up without alarms, and feeling refreshed and energized.

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My name is Tumi and I am a poet, dancer and Integrative holistic medical doctor. I created this site to offer my “special sauce blend” of holistic health tips, poetry, and dance.

The site features health topics ranging from nutrition to sleep, meditation, exercise, and self love, as well how these different areas can dramatically influence our sense of vibrant well-being and happiness.

It is my intention that when you visit this site, you find something that makes a positive difference in your health and life: empowering knowledge as well as heart-opening art.  It is all powerful medicine. 

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Dr. Tumi Johnson, M.D.