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San Diego, California   

Aug 19, 2017  2:30-4:30pm      $20-$30 Suggested Donation

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Description of event: 

 “I am thrilled to be offering this Performing Healing presentation in San Diego. My intention behind crafting this event was to connect with others in a way that the online world just doesn’t allow.

It is my hope that by sharing in person with you my holistic health knowledge as well as my dance with you, you feel both empowered as well as soul-lifted. And more so, because it is offered in Nature. 

I am passionate about my work as a doctor and a dancer and believe that both knowledge and heart opening art are powerful medicine, and together, they produce what I feel is a truly synergistic healing experience.

Please come and join me for this experience.” 

Much love to you, 

Tumí Johnson , M.D. 








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